Nine Lives No.4

“Nine lives : Number 4”


“She sights a Bird – she chuckles –

She flattens – then she crawls –

She runs without the look of feet –

Her eyes increase to Balls -”

Emily Dickinson


Paint: Schmincke watercolours

Paper: @Daler_Rowney The Langton CP 300gsm

Brush: @winsorandnewton series 7 Sz 3 round

Print: @flow_magazine


I have an irrational fear of cockroaches, especially those that fly.  I always keep a can of insect repellent close by, but I usually run away screaming! 🎏 Here’s a fun fact! June is National Pest Control Month but PETA suggests showing a little kindness to Cockroaches! (WTH?) A study has found that cockroaches are social beings who “talk” to one another about food and prefer to dine in groups. Even with their tiny brains, these insects have enough neural circuits to possess consciousness, and they may even be able to count. (OMG, noooooo!)


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