Nine Lives No.8

“Nine lives : Number 8”


“for those memories are now

just like these little kittens

I hold in my hands

those can be kissed

and treasured

but not held too tightly.”

Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence


Paint: Chinese Ink and Gekkoso gouache

Paper: @daler_rowney_usa The Langton CP 300gsm

Brush: @rosemarybrushes Series 8


🎨 Fun fact:  Did you know that Chinese Ink or 墨 is traditionally made from soot and animal glue? The soot is produced by burning pine wood or oils like soybean oil or Tung tree oil. Egg white, fish skin or ox hide glues are used to bind the soot into inksticks. (Eww.) In particular, Pine soot ink tends to spread more than other inks. That’s why, Chinese ink behaves so differently from watercolours. (And why I didn’t fare so well painting this!)

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