Grace Chia

I have just completed a 4-week comprehensive watercolour workshop by Leach. I have no art background but Leach breaks down the lessons into very manageable sessions. Each session is not only fun but very informative. Leach is not stingy to share information on paints, brushes and papers. She also let us try the different brands of paints, brushes and papers.
She is very encouraging and she really go down to the basics. The techniques she showed allow us to produce quite a few amazing pieces. One of the sessions, she also asked us to deconstruct art pieces. We have learnt the techniques so we should be able to process and apply what we learnt when we look at art pieces. I absolutely love that. In that way, we can go forth and produce other watercolour works.
4 sessions do not seem to be enough for me. I am looking forward to an intermediate class by Leach.