Nyetzy Yip

I have just completed a 4 week comprehensive watercolor art workshop conducted by Leach. I have never attended any art classes except those taught by my teacher during my primary school days. It took me months to look through a ton of classes offered in the market and I was glad to find one that suited my needs. I was happy to have chosen to learn from Leach.

I signed up for Leach’s class because I wanted to learn the basics. Whatever I knew about watercolor was self taught and the through the tons of videos and books I have read. Leach was able to ‘correct’ some of my mistakes and bad habits which I had learnt over the years.

The lessons are well thought through covering all the basics on materials required, how to control the water, which is by the way one of the most difficult elements to learn in watercoloring, how to fix our own mistakes and identify problems etc. I feel that I have a new found confidence in embarking on new projects. Her classes are small which is a real bonus because she could give individual attention to each student. Leach is candid, pretty funny and her classes are fun and always peppered with humor. I had a lot of fun learning from her and interacting with the other ladies in my group. I will miss my Friday morning classes.